"Hands On" Learning

We believe in getting our hands dirty, chewing on new ideas, and making learning more real (and fun) than just sitting at desks all day. This means we spend time away from school at...

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Advancing STEM Learning

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math are real and exciting here. Next year, every Middle School student will get their own tablet computer to keep for their studies. As young as 1st grade...

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A Heart for Missions

Whether it's helping others in the school, serving in the community, or helping others on the world stage, our students have a heart for ministry. Our 8th graders are preparing for Mexico...

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  • Bowl-a-Thon Extra SurPrize: Put Your Favorite Shorewood Person in Jail! October 11, 2017

    Bowl-a-thon School Prize:  

    This year when we reach our goal, someone is going to jail!
    That’s right…for each $25 a student raises, they will receive a ticket to vote on the staff member they want to throw in jail for a day here at school. Who will it be? Mr. Glass, Mrs. Parail, Mr. Goodspeed? Miss Emily? Stay tuned….Many other prizes awarded, including weekly prizes!
  • No School October 26 & 27 October 11, 2017

    Thursday and Friday October 26 & 27 is a teacher workshop.  No school.  We know you are disappointed.

  • All School Spirit Day on Oct 20: Glitter and Glow Day! October 11, 2017

    Friday October 20 is Glitter and Glow Day!

    On this exciting day, students can come to school in their most neon, glittery-glow outfits!  Add some glitter or color to your hair and glow sticks to accessorize your look and you become…well…something else!!

  • Bowl-A-Thon All School Fundraiser October 3, 2017
    Bowl-A-Thon 2017 Fundraiser 
     Bowling Date: Wednesday, October 25th
    Collect Pledges Now through Tuesday, October 31st
    Please send out your email invite from 
    99 Pledges to friends and family all over the country! 
    This is a secure site and makes it so easy to give! 
    This year a portion of the funds raised will go towards improving curriculum and facilities. This year we have new math curriculum ...