We are taking applications for a full time middle school math/science wizard:

You are a math whiz. You love math. From basic math to geometry or higher, you not only understand how to do it, but you can get to the middle school level of understanding and help them get it, too. When you teach, you are able to open the student’s eyes to how much fun math is and always have an answer for “when will I ever use this?”, while keeping them focused and interested. You eat ‘X’ for breakfast, and dream in sin(x) and cos(y). You aren’t a demanding person, but you do demand that the students learn to show their work on every step of a problem. When grading tests, you climb inside their heads to understand where they went wrong, and give partial credit towards that end. You see God in the patterns and logic of nature, as well as the mathematical truths you teach every day.

You may be a refugee from high tech, wanting to do something more meaningful with your life, willing to trade the big bucks for fulfillment and satisfaction. You may never have considered yourself a teacher before, but you relate well to pre-teens and teens, and want to bring your love of Jesus and math together with your care for kids. You are a joyful person that works well with a team of like-minded middle school teachers. You recognize that, being at a Christian school, everything you do is in the context of ministry and being a light to your students. You love Jesus. You do whatever you can for your students to thrive, even the ones that struggle with keeping up and understanding the concepts.

If this sounds like you, please send us your resume. We are seeking a full time employee for 2017-2018. If you are able to relate and teach any of science, Bible, history, or another subject, that is a plus as well.

Job Type: Full-time

Required education:

  • Bachelor’s

Required experience:

  • Mathematics: 5 years
  • Working with Students/Teaching: minimum 1 year
  • Christian faith and churchgoing: minimum 1 year


We are also taking applications for a part time + on call janitor.

If you have a heart to serve and skills in custodial care, and are interested in working evenings and weekends, please read on.

The Cleaner provides the cleaning and upkeep of an assigned area. Cleaner must be flexible and willing to complete all tasks that are assigned. Duties may include cleaning and maintaining carpets and hard surface floors by vacuuming, sweeping and mopping floors. Dusting furniture, pictures, ventilation, lights and blinds, emptying wastebaskets, cleaning windows, restrooms and other normal cleaning and maintenance duties.  Experience in building maintenance such as floor waxing and interior painting a plus.

Must be flexible in other duties as assigned by supervisor.

If you are an elementary or middle school teacher you are also welcome to send us your resume.  We do not have any openings right now, but we will keep you in mind should something come up.

Please email your resume, completed application and additional materials to [email protected]

Click here for a SCS Teacher application