Pre-K – 6th Grade Programs


Throughout the school, students are taught in a traditional classroom setting. Although academic excellence is important, our first priority is still the spiritual nurturing of character training in the students. The integration of the Word of God, taught by spiritually mature adult role models, is Shorewood Christian School’s highest level of commitment.


In our pre-kindergarten program we are dedicated to providing a Christian curriculum with the fundamentals in basic concepts, phonics, and reading-readiness to prepare preschoolers for success in kindergarten. Students must be potty-trained before starting the program, and 4 years old by August 31st.


Our kindergarten program will build your child spiritually, socially, physically, and academically. They will learn to write the alphabet and short words neatly, develop motor skills through exercise and games, and begin reading short words and sentences from a phonics-based program. Students must be 5 by August 31st, and take an aptitude test as part of the admissions process.


Our elementary curriculum is designed to lay a firm foundation in the basics. We emphasize a phonics-based reading program, math, grammar, writing, penmanship, spelling, history, and science.

Field Trips

Throughout the school year, Shorewood Christian School gives its students opportunities to learn outside the classroom. For most field trips, an additional student fee is required and billed on your monthly statement. It is important to note that each student must have a completed Field Trip Permission Form filled out for each field trip in order to attend.



Because God and His Word are so important at SCS, students attend chapel every Friday in the sanctuary. The Pre-K through 3rd-grade meet from 10:30- 11:00 a.m. On the last Friday of every month we have an all school “Spirit Day” chapel /assembly beginning at 8:30 a.m. Our chapels are filled with teaching, singing, Scripture reciting, prayer, skits, giving, missions, and much more. Parents are always welcome to attend.


Students from Pre-K on up participate in music classes. While students will learn how to sing and harmonize, play certain instruments  and learn basic music theory, our hope is they will ultimately use music to glorify the Lord. Our music program includes Christmas and Spring/Year-end concerts.

Physical Education

Along with spiritual and academic training, we here at SCS believe that God wants us to take good care of our bodies (the temple of the Holy Spirit) and create a lifestyle of good health. Thus, our PE program is not only fun, it is a training ground to teach students that physical fitness is a way of life. Students are expected to participate unless they have a note from home stating a good reason why they should be excused. Extended absence from PE will require a doctor’s note.



The students are taught how to draw, paint, and create things and to appreciate the beauty of God’s creation around them.



Our growing library is open to all students. Elementary students visit the library weekly to check out books. Older students visit the library either twice or once a month to check out books. New to the library and certain classrooms is the excellent Accelerated Reading Program.


Every year SCS has the opportunity to get involved in various competitions to motivate and challenge our students. Among these are a Science Fair or Social Studies Fair, ACSI Young Author’s Olympics, ACSI Spelling Bee, ACSI Math Olympics, and ACSI Speech Meet.

Camps and Trips

Our 6th grade students will attend an “Outdoor Education Camp” in May sponsored by Crista Ministries. Our 7th grade students will go on a retreat in May full of fun, challenging individual and team building activities as well as spiritual activities designed to enhance their walk with the Lord. And our 8th grade students go on a mission trip in May to Mexico. On the mission trip, we emphasize our duty and privilege as Christians to go and make disciples (through outreach and VBS activities) and to serve others (we help build a house for a Mexican family). See the “Tuition Rates and Fees” form in our admissions packet for financial details.

School Spirit Days

Held once a month, School Spirit Days were created just to bring fun and excitement to school. On these days, students are usually asked to dress by theme (i.e. western day or sports day) and often get to participate in fun activities. It’s a fun day and encouraging to see both students and parents get involved and show pride and spirit for our school.

Community Involvement

Students may have the opportunity to go to nursing homes, help in local “special needs” classes, collect food for others in need, and much more.

Year-End Awards Ceremony

On the last day of school, beginning at 9:00 a.m., students in grades 3rd and above receive honor roll awards, promotion certificates, perfect attendance awards, and special all-school awards.